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Abrading machine Machine used to add a gleaming fetaure to fabrics
A-frame A piece used for to curl the fabric on it
Assortment In ready made garments, assortment and cutting operation according to sizes

Bent knife 
A fixed or mobile cutting machine with a horizantal knive operated manually, placed on cutting tables
Brushed fabric A type of hairy fabric, manufactured trough pulling the fibers of the fabric outside the surface of the fabric

Conveyor belt 
Conveyor belt
Cursor An iron zipper piece used for zip up or undo the zippers of quilt cases and pillows
Cutting plan One layer or multi-layered fabric on which cutting plan is attached
Cutting table Tables where fabrics are cut
C-tex relaxing machine Curling machine used to decrease the tension of lycra fabrics

Dispersed dye 
The type of machine used for polyester fabrics
Duvet A measure used in linens

Fiber which is highly flexible

The test of endurance for daily usage of fabrics
Finishing The final operations of the fabric before shipment
Finishing Operations made in finishing process to add extra features to the fabric
Finishing All of the operations made on fabrics and yarns to improve the features and appearence of material
Fitted linen Fitted linen
Flat linen Flat linen
Forklift Forklift

A print made by metal cyclindirs with engraved design on the surface

Setting the width of fabric using high temparature
Handle The degree of softness of the fabric
Hem machine The operation of sewing the edges of the garment curling inside
High temperature Painting operation under high pressure and temperature

Indicator stickers 
Colored stickers used for indicating defective parts
Inspection Inspection
Interlining A material used to improve the volume of the garment
Interlock Weaving style of a weaving machine which has short and long needles.

Jacquard tulle 
Tulle woven in jacquard weaving machine

A type of polyester fabric
Kaşkorse A type of rib
Kuşe A picture showing th design of the product in the pack

Syntetic fiber with Dupont trademark added to fabric during weaving to increase flexibility of the fiber

Marl fabric 
A yarn made of different colors of fibers, multi-coloured effect
Merserized The operation of improving durability and shine of cotton fabrics through a basic operation

Fibers on the surface of fabric

Open width 
The width of uncurled fabric
Overlock A sewing machine used for sewing, cleaning, attaching according to different fabric types

A machine used for cold paint
Panel printing A whole, uninterrupted design covering the width of the fabric
Peripheral Any type of peripheral added to machine for a specific operation
Pigment A type of paint which does not dissolve in water
Pique A type of weaving
Plotter Plotter
Pneumatic Pneumatic
Polar A type of polyester fabric
Polyester Polyester
Printing paste Material used for filling according to the type of paints and printing

Reactive dye 
A very durable paint reacting to cotton
Red-Tag A card which avaliable fabrics and colors are printed
Regulating knife A machine with a knife to cut unnecessary parts
Rib A fabric woven of vertical lines of plain loops rotating with vertical lines of inverse loops
Rotation Part with circle templates

Sampling cards 
Colored samples belonging to an order
Sewing line Sewing machine line assembled according to a specific plan
Screen-printing Printing machine using frames for printing
Sham An accessory pillow
Shrinkage test Testing operation for the shrinkage of length and width of the fabric
Singeing Elimination of the extra fibers of cotton fabrics through burning.
Single-jersey Mostly cotton, one sided fabric woven in circle weaving machines
Single needle A type of sewing machine
Soldering iron A tool with a sharp edge used for cutting tulle fabrics
Stender Drying machine

Fabric woven with three yarns
Trolley A vehicle with a roller bearing and equipped with relevant materials of the fabric used for the transportation of bundles in classification department
Tube Uncut state of fabric
Tubular Finishing Machine Finishing machine for tube formed fabrics
Two-thread Fabric woven with two yarns

Wet stretching, opening machine  
   Cutting, opening and streching machine for tube formed fabrics
Wooden carrier     A wooden carrier used to transport fabrics

Vinyl bag 
Vinyl bag
Viscose Viscose