We Export Quality

Our Human Resources Vision

In view of its Human Resources Management, to be a company in its sector preferred by everybody, where to be employed would be a source of pride.

Our Human Resources Values

NURTEKS is an organization that appreciates qualified manpower with a fair attitude towards its employees, and grows, develops, causes development and survives together with them.

How Recruitment Is Processed At NURTEKS?

Selection And Placement


Selection and appointment consistent with short and long-term work plans are processed to meet the human resources requirements while simultaneously keeping an eye on the conditions in the sector.

Performance Evaluation

NURTEKS evaluates employee performances for the purposes of rewarding performance while contributing to the development of individuals and the company. Performance evaluation is conducted according to predetermined criteria such as ability, skills and behavior required for the job.

Career Planning

It is important to evaluate the future targets of employees so as to have the companies attain their vision and succeed under changing conditions. In line with the development of individuals, to have company employees evaluated and appointed to positions desired by the company and/or the individual are among the priorities of NURTEKS .


Continual development comes to the forefront to provide for the accession of employees towards the destination of their motivation, productivity and future targets. NURTEKS employees are caused to develop by a variety of training methods according to their:

  • Abilities and skills required for the position they occupy
  • Personal development
  • Vocational/technical development
  • Qualification, social responsibility etc.