We Export Quality

The Sample Department

Sampling & Costing

The Sample Department's skilled machine operators, professional team and sophisticated technology work together to create samples that meet customer specifications. Samples are individually prepared for each customer for collections for each season as well as for use by the customer's sales-force. The sampling department's large archive and skilled design team offer customers a wide range of styles and fabrics. Our professional costing team conducts production time studies for every style to determine production times with absolute accuracy.


Hi-tech spreaders and cutters work to guarantee maximum yield from fabrics. After quality control, the cut fabric is transferred to the Classification Department where it is either certified as first-class or rejected.

Classification & Partial Printing & Embroidery

The Classification Department holds embroidered and printed items until they can be paired with their accessories and sent to the sewing department. When the trolleys are ready, they are sent to the sewing production lines in keeping with the production plan.


Our Sewing Department has more than 65 industrial sewing machines used in the production of ready-to-wear garments and home textiles. All of the sewing machines are pneumatic and feature a thread-cleaning function.

Quality Control, Ironing, Packaging, Boxing

100% of sewn pieces are quality-checked against approved production samples by highly trained quality control specialists. Fully versed in NURTEKS's Quality Standards, these quality control specialists are constantly monitored by expert supervisors.

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