We Export Quality

Quality Policy

  1. To do every job right on time.
  2. To understand customers completely and fully satisfy or exceed their expectations.
  3. To continuously reskill our employees through technical and quality on-the-job training. To make Our Quality Standards a way of life that is automatically applied.
  4. To create an awareness that quality depends everyone's efforts from top management to the shop-floor.
  5. To produce quality products at minimum cost with maximum efficiency and minimum waste.
  6. To be environmentally friendly and create greater awareness of environmental issues.
  7. To satisfy employees in every respect and make them proud of their work at NURTEKS.
  8. To introduce our quality system to our suppliers and subcontractors and to manage relations with them on the basis of our quality system.
  9. To compete successfully in the international market and achieve our growth targets by continuously improving our quality and quality system.
  10. To create a unique quality concept of our own and introduce this concept to world quality literature by constantly raising our quality targets.
  11. To ensure excellent employee health and safety.

Quality Assurance Structure

Quality ControlNURTEKS Quality Assurance Structure

At NURTEKS, quality is an integral part of the manufacturing process, and quality checks are performed at key stages of the production process by the Quality Assurance Department. Without its approval, no products are processed or shipped.

Fabric Quality Control

In order to ensure that fabrics meet customer specifications and match original customer approved samples, before they are transferred to the warehouse the following steps are followed:

  • Products are subjected to color, durability, shrinkage and other tests as required by the customer. They are certified only after complying with these requirements.
  • To ensure continuity, 100 percent of the fabric is tested for color and unless the customer specifies otherwise, remaining tests are conducted by the sampling method.
  • In every control and production process, the results of the production control department are also evaluated.
  • After quality assurance-approved fabrics arrive at the warehouse, quality control staff checks accessories like collars and cuffs to ensure compatibility of sizes.


  • Is the fabric being cut for the order the specified fabric?
  • Is it the specified color, model, weight and quantity?

If there is any discrepancy, production is shut down until the problem is rectified.


  • By recording and analyzing customer requirements, standards and changes, a customer file is created for inspectors, which includes all information relating to the customerProduction-confirmed accessories, fabrics, and yarns for every customer and model.
  • Before production starts, a RED-TAG or Green Seal production run is carried out in conjunction with the Quality Assurance Department to confirm that the sample size to be used is in accordance with specified standards, with this sample being used for control purposes throughout the production process.
  • Production is monitored through periodic inspections.
  • Before shipment, samples are inspected on behalf of the customer. If the number of defects is within the acceptable range, the Quality Assurance Department approves the products, and they are shipped.